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We are living in an era where new ventures are opening almost every day to cater to the needs of our never-ending demands. New businesses open up because new demands pop up!

Citing numbers from a recent report by Gartner, 36.74% of companies are considering shifting a fraction of their employees to remote working permanently. And this is not a move only because a pandemic hit us, in fact, many of the company heads are considering remote working as a part of their culture.

Now that remote work is being adopted in huge numbers by businesses, it is apparent that their digital presence will also increase with each passing day. What can a firm do to retain and grow in this digital world and better market themselves in digital marketing?

So, have you ever thought of why digital marketing revolves around our minds so strongly? It is because digital marketing as a channel has created a real estate image of itself in the minds of people. Now that it is so prevalent in our minds already, imagine the impact it created in the minds of the marketers!

Most companies, small or big are trying their best to be omnipresent in the hyperspace. And needless to say, the world wide web offers an even wider competition to its players.

For any business to successfully sustain itself in the field of digital marketing, it should know how to leverage the best of social media, search engine optimization, and a sound digital marketing strategy. Talking about some of the most foundational digital marketing tools that are commonly used would be email marketing, social media management tools, SEO tools, and also website analytics to name a few. But the list doesn’t stop here and this article gives you the top 6 digital marketing tools you need for your business to be on the top of the game, at least in 2021.

Let’s see what each one of these tools has to offer for a marketer.

Mail Chimp is probably one of the widely used email marketing and social advertising tool. It can track your emails and also give more relevant insights about the target customers with its analytics and tracking features. Additionally, Mail Chimp also helps in generating customer surveys which can be very helpful for marketers to understand their target customer needs.

Pricing- Plan starts free and it can range up to a few hundred dollars!

What is that one name which comes to your mind when you hear the words, ‘marketing’, ‘sales’, and ‘CRM’? It has to be HubSpot. Being one of the top players when it comes to digital marketing, sales, or CRM, HubSpot has a plethora to offer to any marketer. It offers a lot of tools for free as well like web forms, popup forms, live chat software to name a few.

HubSpot is one such digital marketing tool that can help in inbound marketing for any business. Not only this, it has a lot to offer starting from lead management to market automation, it has got everything covered.

Pricing- HubSpot offers most of its services for free; it also offers priced plans for enterprises

As remote teaming and working increases, having a tool that helps in content management is a boon for any firm. Trello might look like a social media tool at first, but it opens up as you dive in and explore its features.

Trello in simple terms is a content management tool and it helps in managing multiple projects and stay on the same page as your team. It allows to do things like creating cards, adding notes, assigning topics as well as deadlines to the team. One of the best parts about Trello is that it has a very user-friendly interface and does not require much prior training as such.

Pricing- It is free for small teams (yay!) and has charges up to $20 a month for enterprises.

For most businesses that either operate online or have a digital presence, one of the key performing metrics that can help accelerate the business could be a well-designed platform. And not every marketer who starts digital marketing knows to work on software like Photoshop.

Canva is a designing platform where anyone can create designs! Be it an aesthetically- pleasing presentation, or a logo for that matter, Canva has a prodigious catalog to offer for anyone.

Pricing- It offers a month free trial before going for its paid version which can be $12.95 per month for teams. It also offers a free version for anyone to use with limited access.

As a digital marketer, you have your marketing strategy in place, your website is ready, the product/service to be offered is rolling out and also you have identified your key customer segment. Now to understand how well the business is doing in terms of customer retention, the number of people visiting the website, how many people came through organic search, and who used your ads to reach the website, all this information can be given by an analytics tool like Google Analytics.

As a digital marketer, make sure to leverage the full features of Google Analytics from the very inception of your digital marketing plan.

Pricing- It is a free tool, so get set go!

Marking on the journey of digital marketing, every marketer, be it a start-up, mid-sized or a big enterprise will definitely make the best use of the social media platforms to position themselves and also gauge the attention of new customers. And it is equally important to be on your feet in all the social handles. How to manage that?

Hootsuite is an enterprise social media management tool that can help a business in scheduling social media posts in advance, use the Hootsuite dashboard to manage all the social handles and you can even reply to comments through the dashboard!

Some of the more advanced features offered by Hootsuite are tracking your social media content, calculating conversions, RoI, and also tracking public conversation about your brand.

Pricing- It offers tiered pricing starting from $29 a month.

Although this list is not the most exhaustive list of digital marketing tools out in the web, but these are some of the tools which will definitely help any marketer get started with his or her digital marketing business and make a presence in the wide web of internet.

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