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Ever since the pandemic hit us, almost a year back, LinkedIn had a different purpose in everyone’s life. But today, on the verge of celebrating the first year of living in a pandemic, if there is one social media that stood out and kind-of changed the game, has to be LinkedIn!

Now, why did LinkedIn boom in such a bullish way, what made it draw such a huge pool of people to it? One of the reasons is work from home (you don’t get a brownie point on guessing this!) Well, as the work from home and remote working culture became more prevalent, people had more time to explore more and for most professionals who otherwise used to engage physically, LinkedIn became a great path to network with like-minded people.

Apart from networking, content creation is also something which saw a new ray of hope in LinkedIn. People have started sharing content from various topics, be it their failure story, success story, opinions on something or even educative content. Coming to creating content on LinkedIn, not all the posts that go on LinkedIn make it to the gaze of being viral. And if you too want to know the ways to increase the reach of your posts on LinkedIn, we will be sharing some of the tried and tested ways to do so and a BONUS as well!

Are you creating great content?

Description: 5291fea2 45a9 4212 9e1e 165b5c7fd371 originalWell, it is very cliched, but ask this question to yourself and answer brutally honest. If you don’t think that your content is really great, then the part where you need to spend more time is on strategizing your content. I know the craze of making viral content exists but focus on making content that is share-worthy, rather than being viral-worthy. If you make a post that your audience can relate to, find value in, they will share it, and then viral just happens!

How much do you engage with your network?

One of the key determining factors to make sure your content or posts reach to a greater number of audience is to have a greater number of connections. Along with creating great content consistently, engage with your audience and know if they like your content or they wish to see something else.

Make slide share content

Well, content on LinkedIn can be of a variety of types, it can be in the form of a link, a picture, textual or slide-sharing content. One of the most frequently seen and trending type of generating LinkedIn content is the slid-sharing content. Try to make your content in the various types of trending content strategies in LinkedIn and see what works the best for you. For any type of content that you create, make sure it is relevant to your audience and speaks to the trend.

Use clickable magnetic headlines

One of the first things that your audience, also your network will see is the headline of your post. And to make that astounding first impression, make sure to have a killer headline that cannot be resisted until opened. Using clickable magnetic headlines not only creates a greater impact on your audience also increases the viewership of your page and brings in a more like-minded audience to your posts.

Do your SEO homework before hand

Well, you must have expected SEO to make a visit to this article, isn’t it? Optimizing your content, be it on LinkedIn, Facebook or any other platform is a key to getting organic viewership as well as getting higher ranks on SEO platforms. For example, the LinkedIn pulse does an analysis of the article content to see for SEO friendly words and phrases to categorize the content.

Repost your content on LinkedIn, time and again

Did you ever feel that a particular post is one of the best-researched, best-written posts but did not get the viewership it should have? Well, in that case, you can always repost your content on LinkedIn and actually, you should re-share your posts on LinkedIn more frequently to take the full benefit of the LinkedIn Pulse algorithm. By the way, if you are interested to know more about how the Pulse algorithm in LinkedIn works, do let us know, we would love to share!

Be consistent with your posts and automate it

Consistency is the key to success, is probably one of the most underrated phrases that exist. And we all know that in this busy world, it is difficult to remain consistent on social media platforms. So there are tools to help you automate your content so that even though you are unavailable, your posts are not. Some of the content automation tools available are Agorapulse, Hootsuite, or even Google Calendar works for that matter. Choose whichever platform you are comfortable with and automate your posts well in advance.

Now that we come to the end (almost) of this article, as promised, we have a BONUS for you. It is none other than 11 ways to hack the LinkedIn Pulse algorithm and the adjoining infographic explains it way better than anything that we came across.

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