How to update your skills during Covid-19?

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With the pandemic is been all around where everybody is supposed to be inside, this is the best possible time to go digital and take complete advantage of several resources available online. So, for you, all this particular time is considered to be the best possible opportunity to bolster your resume.

 The COVID-19 situation is sending everybody inside and at this particular time, you must be wondering that what one should do with so much of extra time at home. So, instead of getting lost in the situation of frightening news and social media posts, you must go with the option of getting back to work and spending time with family. In this particular situation several events are going digital because of which various resources are available online, so, it is considered to be the best possible time to boost the existing skills or learn the new ones so that they can benefit you in the coming years. 

 Following are some of how you can learn new skills during this COVID crisis:

  •  Attending virtual events: During the quarantine period, all the events which were very easily available online are now being conducted virtually. Even the biggest of the institutions and companies are going virtual this year and the best part is that some of the events are free to attend regardless of the budget or location constraint. So, It is your responsibility to take complete advantage of them and make the best and most out of every virtual event. You must go with the option of treating each one of them as if you are attending it in 1 to 1. You must go with the option of connecting with the people who are attending the event before, during, and after the event. You must go with the option of sharing the social media posts of the event and do not forget to use the hashtag feature. You must plan for the workshops and all the talks which are highly valuable for you.
  • You can go with the option of co-working virtually: The option of co-working is considered to be the best possible way of beating the loneliness during this pandemic period. You can go with the option of learning from others and getting the complete accountability that will help in updating the resume with new certifications. A very common problem of human beings is that we have a lot of skills but we lack the willpower to upgrade them. So, investing time and planning things is considered to be the best possible way of dealing with the situation and making progress. You must go with the option of finding a friend and encouraging each other so that you can utilize this time productively and profitably. You can go with the option of sharing, learning, or getting the work done by each other so that you can take the career to the next level after the post-pandemic scenario.
  • There are various sites where you can register yourself as freelancers.
  • You can go with the option of taking a digital course: It is very much easy to further enhance the education-related and career-related skills in this particular time because several organizations are offering millions of courses at your fingertips at absolutely no cost. So, when the COVID-19 is keeping you at home you have complete time to dedicate yourself to start and complete a new course and get the best out of it. Even if your budget allows you can go with the option of some of the paid courses because most of the reputed websites are also offering discounts so that learning can be made available to everybody during this quarantine period. At this point, many of you will be confused about which skills to focus on and what to learn. The best answer to this particular query will be to go with the option of reading for job ads that you want to target after this pandemic gets over. When you will be reading the entire job and you will get a good answer about what kind of skills you are lacking and how to upgrade them. So, a very great start can be, begin with only those skills which you are already lacking.
  • Going with the option of attending a webinar: Webinar is also considered to be a great way of learning about more specific topics in a very short period which is approximately 60 minutes. The best part is that you are always guided in real-time and you can also go with the option of asking several questions in case of queries which will help in giving a complete classroom feel to you. Initially, you can go with the option of companies that are offering free webinars, and later on, you can go with the option of paying once you get interested in this particular field. So, don’t waste any time and go and register yourself for a webinar.
  • You can go with the option of earning a new certification: When the concept of undertaking webinars goes one step further then it comes to earn a new certification. Undertaking these kinds of certifications will help you to easily hunt the jobs after the post-pandemic period or if you are lucky enough then it can also bring you a promotion. Depending upon the industry there are multiple certification options and programs along with several organizations from which you can choose from. For example, if you were from the marketing field you can go with the option of certifications from Google ads, Facebook, Google analytics, and several other organizations. On the other hand, if you are from the IT field then you can go with the option of adding certifications in the fields of risk management, designing, project management, and several other options depending upon your interest and preference. At the time of choosing the digital courses, you must consider the areas where you lack the skills so that all the shortcomings can be fulfilled very easily. 

The basic thing to be understood by all is that in case you want to be successful in the corporate world then you being the professionals have to convert yourselves into the students so that you can constantly learn all the time. In this way, you will be able to take the complete advantage of the wealth of knowledge in the world which is increasing with each passing day. To apply the knowledge and be practically successful you must go with the option of enrolling yourselves for the short term courses so that you can learn and explore things.

 So, you must go with the option of using this extra time to bolster your resume and learn new skills that will help in becoming a better version of yourself. You will see a difference when you will be back at work because these kinds of skills will help you in undertaking new roles very easily. You must believe that when hope is gone then you must go with the option of introspecting so that you can always find the real hero. Yes, this is the perfect time to be the real h

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